1. Login via SSH to the VM and follow this process.
2. List Partitions
ls -al /dev/sda*
3. Create new partition using fdisk
fdisk /dev/sda
p – list all partition
n – create new partition
l – logical
t – to change partition number previously created
8e – for the linux LVM type
p – list all partition
w – write changes and exit
4. reboot server
5. Assuming we created partition /dev/sda6, let’s create physical volume
pvcreate /dev/sda6
6. Let’s extend Volume group to that physical volume
vgdisplay – note down entry next VG name
vgextend [VGname] /dev/sda6

note : if you get message saying /dev/sda6 could not be added to your Volume Group,
you need to remove the phycial volume and recreate it. Metadata might have gotted
corrupt and thus the volume cannot be added to you volumen group. So just do.
pvremove /dev/sda6
pvcreate /dev/sda6

Since we’re extending the main logical volume, let’s get the name of that:
lvdisplay – note down LV name

Extend the logical volumen by X GBs.
lvextend -L +20G [LVname]

Finally, let’s resize the file system to the new allocated space.
resize2fs [LVname]
this may take some time

check the new file system sizes.
df -hT

reboot and you’re set. 🙂

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